Quebec tightens the screw to Airbnb hosts starting Friday(May 1st)


Pandemic or not, the Government of Quebec is announcing the entry into force on Friday, as expected, of its regulations on collaborative hosting aimed at tightening the screws, in particular, for Airbnb hosts.

To counter illegal accommodation, the new Regulation respecting tourist accommodation establishments will require owners and tenants who wish to rent their main place of residence to hold a classification certificate in the form of a written notice and an establishment number.
Those who post their residence on different platforms such as Airbnb, Kijiji or Facebook will now have to publish their registration number in their ads. Failure to do so will result in fines ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000. Revenu Québec inspectors will keep an eye on things, we warn.

Fines can go up to $ 25,000 for a person and $ 50,000 for a company that offers tourist accommodation without holding a classification certificate. Requests for certification can be made on the website of the Corporation of the Quebec tourism industry.

Tax and regulatory fairness

The new rules aim to "ensure greater fiscal and regulatory fairness between players in the collaborative economy and the traditional economy, while allowing Quebecers who wish to benefit, in full compliance with the law, from the revenues derived collaborative hosting. It will also provide better protection for the housing stock, "read the press release from the Ministry of Tourism.

Airbnb had unsuccessfully asked the Legault government to delay the entry into force of the regulation, adopted last November, due to the coronavirus crisis.

Recall that at present, due to this health crisis, it is still prohibited in Quebec to operate any type of tourist accommodation, unless given the green light by public health authorities in exceptional circumstances.

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